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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Bradford Pear Trees


  1. Hi Marci, your trees look beautiful in their fall colors! All our trees lost their leaves.
    You collect antiques, would you come over to my blog and look at the last 2 pictures in my aqua post. I bought an antique christmas book and found some old coupons inside. I was curious if anyone would know anything about them.

  2. Hi Mary, thank you for your compliment. Yes, these trees are slow to lose their leaves, which is a good thing, as we enjoy seeing them each time we drive into our driveway, but they are a reminder that they will soon need raking! LOL! I enjoyed viewing your blog and can't wait to revisit when I can slowly look. I don't have any information re: the coupons, but this is what I found on the company: NEW HAVEN SILVER PLATE CO - Lyons, NY founded in 1891. Bought by International Silver Company.
    Could you tell me how to get more followers? Have I missed something? How did you find me? Thanks, Mary!! Regards, Marci