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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Selling Family Treasures Can Pull At The Heart strings~~~

Understand that it was my decision to sell our old Jelly Cupboard.  It's just that when it was being loaded into another's truck that all of the wonderful memories of having used it for so many years, came flooding by.  It sat in our kitchen's dining area and was the perfect spot for keeping the family's bills, and other papers, schedules, etc.  It also provided a showcase for our Daughters' pictures at different times of their lives~~~the pets too.  It was a lucious, warm pine and I kept it shining with bees wax applications.  An old friend, indeed.  But~~~now it will be elevated to the dining room of a wonderful farm house and I could tell that the new owner is going to love it too.  Good bye dear friend!


  1. SOLD on Ebay to a lady who lives less than five miles from us!!

  2. Since this sale, this person has attended two other home sales of ours, and has added many other antiques to her collection.