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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Antiques' Buying Time At The Flea Market On Tuesday~~~

I loaded my van and off I went with a lot of hopefullness, but a bit of apprehension too.  The economy, especially in my state, is at an all time low.  People are careful re: what they purchase.  I had decided the day before to sell antiques at market on Tuesday!

Well, I'd barely opened my van doors when I made my first sale to a picker~~~a 1920's mannequin, with half an ear, missing arms, and a skinned cheek.  He was happy to purchase and carry her away.  Later he returned and told me how good she looked sitting in the passenger seat, next to him, in his truck!  A good belly laugh followed that remark!!

Then my neighbor seller purchased two iron skillets~~~neither was a Griswald, (quite collectible) but they did have names and I think he loved my low price.  A sweet college bound young lady was elated when I sold her a shabby chic table for half off.  I remember when our two daughters went away to college, and how badly they wanted/needed furniture and accessories to decorate with.  Our oldest daughter took a gorgeous (gorgeous because her Daddy spent hours refinishing it) Mission Oak desk/table to Michigan State.  At the end of the year, some friends were helping her move out of her apartment.  They dropped the hours of work, the valued antique, the only desk DD had, down a flight of steps!!!  Bye Bye~~~Sobbing ensued!!

After the scurry of pickers/dealers went through the market, like locusts, the wait seemed endless, until the public showed up.  It was a cool, sunny day, so my hopes still lingered, until I realized that these weren't the same people who use to frequent the market, buying everything in sight.  These were cautiously, mindful buyers who were buying needful things, not frivolous decor.  My best lowly priced items quickly sold.  One lady went to find her husband and his wallet, as she desperately wanted my darling little Art Deco iron plant stand for her garden.  I waited and waited for her to return, but then I had to leave.  I hope she didn't come back.  Perhaps she was a B-backer.  (An antiquer's description of those who say they will return, but have no intentions of doing so.)  Where in the heck was her husband hanging out?  Most of the guys walking by were either carrying chains, (as in equipment dragging ones) bike seats, or bags of nuts and bolts~~~ Like the ones that one man kept trying to show to his non-responsive wife!!  Spare us!  I could see the wife thinking, *show me the money instead*!!

  Now, in support of the guys, one did buy my mannequin and another purchased antique jewelry display boxes.  Thanks guys!!!  Great choices!!! 

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