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Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's a Drowning Day!

When our eldest grandson was little; he's 13 now, he referred to a rainy day, much like today, as a *drowning day*.  I thought that was quite clever and very funny for a three year old to say.  There have been so many little sayings that I wish I had written down.  Now we have four Grands and they all continue to amaze me with their words.  Recently, the youngest grandson said, after losing a tooth, I don't want the fairy coming into my room while I'm asleep!!!  From the mouthes of babes!!!

I had a fun morning visiting a *shabby chic event* and then a rummage sale.  Both were interesting and there were goodies to be purchased at both!  Someone, please tie me to a chair in my house!!  Ha!  Oh, I stopped at a really nice garage sale enroute home too~~~~all of this fun was had on a *drowning* day!!

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